President: Dennis Smith

As a member-driven organization, GAAR relies heavily on volunteer committees to guide the organizations objectives, make recommendations to the Board of Directors, and achieve goals. We appreciate our dedicated members who serve on GAAR committees and are committed to
our mission.

BUDGET & FINANCE:  To promote and ensure the Board's and members absolute adherence to fiduciary duties.
Terri Thomas – Chairperson
Tom Blanchard
Catherine Deegan
Susan Rice
Timothy Turner
Arthur (Tony) Whiteside


GRIEVANCE:  To receive ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if they warrant a hearing by the Professional Standards Committee
Ross Trulock - 2019 Chairperson – 3 years
Ronald Anderson - 3 years
Dennis Smith - 3 years
John Chambers - 2 years
Kelly Gates - 2 years
Lula Kanardy - 2 years
Lidia Harris - 1 year
Sherri Melton - 1 year
Betty Renard - 1 year

RPAC COMMITTEE: To communicate to the membership about the role of RPAC, the importance of contributing adn how the funds are used to promote home ownership and private property rights
Kim Pond - Chairperson 
Jenny Viger - Vice Chairperson
Catherine Deegan
Keith Duncan
Jean Kernaghan
Kristen Stouffer
Teresa Tiller
Henry Wadsworth
Regina Wadsworth
Ashley Wilson


COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROJECTS: To promote and enhance the REALTOR(R) brand by leading and participating in charitable / good will projects in the community
Donatella Armstrong - Chairperson
Brandi Ledford - Vice Chairperson

Debra Berry
Kevin Berry
Julie Brunkow
McKenna Carlile
Eric Crawford
Faye Davis
Gerilyn deLaurentys
Debbie Franco
Connie Harrison
Alicia James
Hardy Jones
Megan Moye
Wendy Powell
Alecia Reed
Haley Smallwood
Bronnie Spinks
,Regina Wadsworth


AWARDS:  To faciliate annual awards presented to members of GAAR
Philip Jones – Chairperson
Kathleen Brown
Heather Ferrante
Barbara Sanders
Dennis Smith

MUTIPLE LISTING SERVICE:  To govern the operation of ths MLS and to recommend revisions, rules and regulations to the Board of Directors to ensure it remains the most efficient and effective form of sharing information. 
Kim Bragg - 2019 Chairperson - 2 years
Pierce Blitch
Andy Higgins - 1 year
Larry Miller - 2 years
Terri Thomas - 1 year
Jenny Viger - 3 years
Lili Youngblood - 3 years

LEGISLATIVE:  To monitor local, state and federal legislative activity affecting private property rights and the real estate industry and keep the members informed
Ashley Wilson – Chairperson
Brandi Knox - Vice Chairperson

Marlene Douglas
PJ Furno
Pat Goodwin
Alicia James
Gloria Marsella
Sharina Ramage
Timothy Turner
Jenny Viger
Stacie Wells

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: To serve as the official hearing panel for ethics violations and arbitrable complaints.  
Ryan Brashear - 2019 Chairperson – 3 years
Andrea Bowles - 3 years
Grey Meybohm - 3 years
Nora Grimaud - 2 years
Susan Rice - 2 years
Terri Thomas - 2 years
Kim Bragg - 1 year
Barbara Sanders - 1 year
Lili Youngblood - 1 year

EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  To plan and promote required and elective educational opportunities to and for REALTORS(R) and board members
Nora Grimaud
– Chairperson
Kim Pond - Vice Chairperson
Cathy Austin
Vilma Colon-Oliver
Marlene Douglas
Lidia Harris
Kyria Jefferies
Yoland Levy
Gloria Marsella
Jessica Moon
Laura Sollie
Debra Spencer
Henry Wadsworth
Stacie Wells
Tony Whiteside
Shaquanna Wilson

YOUNG PROFESSIONAL NETWORK (YPN):  To assist young-at-heart real estate professionals through connections, education, and networking events while developing new leaders
Kristen Stouffer - Chairperson
Gerilyn de Laurentys - Vice Chairperson
McKenna Carlile
Gerilyn deLaurentys
Heather Ferrante
PJ Furno
Isila Jimenez
Hardy Jones
Brandi Knox
Brandi Ledford
Jessica Moon
Sharina Ramage
Alecia Reed
Shazia Roychowdhury
Diana Rumbaut
Erin Slade
Haley Smallwood
Kristen Stouffer
Shaquanna Wilson

PROGRAMS: Responsible for planning, development, and implementation of the membership programs
Kim Bragg - Chairperson